QA-Engineer-Software Test I (75346)

QA-Engineer-Software Test I

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For our client we are currently looking for:

QA-Engineer-Software Test I

Job description

Role and responsibilities :

Find bugs, defects, and regressions.

Design, implement, execute and debug information technology test cases and scripts.

Validate and document completion of testing and development.

Automate test cases.

Verify fixes.

3 years of experience are required.

Minimum Requirements:

• The ability to fully test and automate REST based APIs
• Minimum 2-3 years of experience with Javascript and automation with at least one of the following automation frameworks (Cypress/Protractor/CodeceptJS)
• Superior debugging and testing skills (i.e. ability to localize problem areas)

Desired Skills/Qualifications/System Experience requirements:

• Strong development workflow skills with Git/GitLab
• Conduct any needed automation code reviews
• Experience using either Terraform, Puppet, Chef, or Helm Charts in a GIT workflow
• The ability to deploy performant and highly available services as infrastructure within Kubernetes
• The desire to break code and understand why

Additional role, initiative and group information:

• Ability to work well in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
• Critical thinking and big picture understanding of how applications work
• Good Interpersonal Communication Skills and you are willing to work with remote team
• Flexible and adaptable: Ability to switch gears in various high-stress situations and apply themselves to quickly learning new technologies and adopting new methodologies.
• Accountability: You are a results-oriented teammate who leads by example, holds self-accountable for performance, takes complete ownership, and champions all aspects of customer and project initiatives.
• Efficient and Creative: You should be able to think creatively to find the optimal solution to problems.
• Always should be ready to learn new technology, tools and process



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